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World Cup - Lionel Messi 118 minutes to help angel lore, Switzerland, Argentina wins promotion

Local time on the 1st 13:00,2014 Brazil World Cupjerseys 1/8 finals Game 7 start competing arena in Sao Paulo, Argentina 1-0 overtime victory over Switzerland, the first 118 minutes Messi assists Dimaliya lore.

This is seven times the two teams clash in history, Argentina achieved four wins, two draws and six times in the previous clash unbeaten. But the history of the World Cupjerseys in 1966 only met Argentina 2-0 win. Ravitch replace injured Aguero appearance.

The first five minutes, Lichtsteiner winger tactical foul on Di Maria, but he escaped punishment. The first eight minutes, with the Swiss tactical corner, Inler shot wide. Argentina launched an offensive from the left several times, but the final pass in the Swiss defense are resolved. The first 16 minutes, Pablo Zabaleta get a chance on the right, but Manchester City fullback still pass the ball off Leo Burnett. The first 25 minutes, Mary wins a free kick on the right, Messi pass, Higuain 14 yards shakes Leipzig cup 2014 jerseys

Switzerland 28 minutes almost broke near the right baseline Sacchi return into the restricted area, Zakaria low shot from 12 yards was blocked Romero. The first 29 minutes, Higuain header ferry, Ravitch restricted Youlei low shot 10 yards into Benaglio wants. The first 30 minutes, Mary Milner, Gareth close range header missed the perfect opportunity. The first 36 minutes, Zakaria on Ravitch foul penalty yellow card. Swiss miss the first 39 minutes, Sacchi forward pass, but the edge of the area within the pole Del Mickey Romero shot was confiscated. The first 41 minutes, Messi pass, restricted the right of Mary is also a lack of strength Leo Burnett got shot. world cup team jerseys

The first 47 minutes, Ravitch left the restricted area pass, Higuain small edge of the area shot blocked Djourou. The first 50 minutes, after Sacchi free kick shot by Romero barely flutter block confiscated. After 1 minute, Sacchi pass, shot slightly higher del Mickey left the restricted area. The first 53 minutes, Sacchi pass, Ricardo - Rodriguez missed long-range far corner. The first 62 minutes, Rojo pass in the left Higuain header from 11 yards was saved by Leo Burnett beams. After 1 minute, Messi pass, shot Ravitch left the restricted area has been cup team Uniforms

The first 67 minutes, Pablo Zabaleta pass, Higuain headed top side. Messi outer edge of the area with a half-volley slightly higher. Fernandez came off the bench fined yellow card foul on Di Maria. Palacio replaced Ravitch. The first 75 minutes, Messi biography, Palacio header wide. After 1 minute, Javier Mascherano pass, Gago long-range higher. The first 78 minutes, Messi broke into the edge of the area within the shot was barely saved by Leo Burnett, he then got up and tried to tip Dangxia Palacio. The first 90 minutes, Rojo wing tactical foul penalty yellow card, if Argentina qualify, he will miss the next game.

Into overtime. The first 92 minutes, Mary pass, Gareth header was rescued by Leo Burnett. 2 minutes later, Di Maria free kick pass, Gareth Leo Burnett header was confiscated. The first 96 minutes, Inler pass, Sacchi long-range higher. Basanta replaced the injured Rojo. Bigeliya also replaced Gago. 109 minutes Bigeliya pass, outside the top right corner of area Dimaliya upper corner shot was saved Leo Burnett. The first 112 minutes, Pablo Zabaleta pass, restricted the right of Mary Funchal shot was blocked.

Argentina, the first 118 minutes lore, Massey Road breaking ball right Dimaliya 16 yards low shot cannonball of a shot. Dimaliya wing foul penalty yellow card. Switzerland almost equalized the first 121 minutes, Ricardo - Rodriguez corner, before the point of the hook keeper Benaglio Shepian out. Sacchi right pass, Benzema Erie Far Point 5 yards header hit the left post bounce, the ball hit him in the thigh and deflected out of the near corner. The first 123 minutes, Gareth pass, hanging Kongmen Dimaliya midfielder missed. The first 124 minutes, Gareth yellow card fouls inside the restricted area arc Sacchi kick blocked by the wall.




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