Tyler Neurosurgical Associates is a top-tier neurosurgical center serving all of East Texas, including the Bullard and Whitehouse communities.  Having any brain or spinal problems can be very serious and have a tremendous impact on your day to day life. Your health is vital and our doctors understand both the complexity of these issues and how difficult it can be for any patient to be diagnosed with a brain or spinal problem. Our team consists of highly regarded and distinguished surgeons in Tyler, TX, but we also serve the surrounding East Texas communities, including Bullard and Whitehouse.

Bullards Board Certified Neurosurgeons

Our established neurosurgeons have the experience and expertise required to treat a wide range of peripheral nerve, brain, and spinal problems. Residents of the Bullard and Whitehouse communities can be confident in our ability to treat each case with the utmost care and urgency. Each one of our patients is unique and we treat them as such, giving them the necessary attention while making them feel as comfortable as possible. We strive to make a lasting and meaningful impact on your way of life and long-term health.



Mon-Tues: 8am-5pm
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We are located at:
700 Olympic Plaza, Suite 850
Tyler, TX 75701


Whitehouse Neurosurgical Specialists

Residents of Bullard and Whitehouse can count on Tyler Neurosurgical Associates for their brain, spine, and peripheral nerve needs. Our procedures aim to treat conditions such as:

Residents of Bullard Choose Tyler Neuro

Our experienced and dedicated surgeons proudly serve the Bullard and Whitehouse communities. Whatever brain or spine problems you are experiencing Tyler Neurosurgical Associates will do our best to help you!

Seek neurological care in Bullard with Tyler Neurosurgical Associates, P.A.