Tyler began April 11, 1846, when the Texas legislature voted to establish Smith County and a county seat. The original 100 acres for Tyler was purchased for $150, and named after President John Tyler for his support in admitting Texas to the United States. The city of Tyler was built around a central square, which includes the original city courthouse, and was a total of 28 blocks. The original log courthouse on the north side of the square had a lot of different uses in those early days, serving as the meeting hall, church, and courthouse.  The new courthouse replaced the old log courthouse in 1852, with a new larger brick courthouse constructed on the same site.

In January 1850, with 4,292 inhabitants living in Smith County, the town was incorporated. Tyler heavily relied on agriculture in its early days and after the Civil War, the economy suffered.

The newly established Texas railroads helped Tyler transition from a city built around agriculture to a new industrial economy. Initially, Tyler wasn’t along the routes of the Texas and Pacific Railway or the International Railway.  Eventually, the railways found their way to Tyler when the Houston and Great Northern Railroad opened near Tyler. The residents of Tyler seized this opportunity in 1877 and had a spur built from Tyler to Ferguson, know as the Tyler Tap Railroad. The Texas and St. Louis Railway Company acquired the Tyler Tap line in 1879. Established the next year, the Kansas and Gulf Short Line Railroad brought more machines shops to the city.  This brought a new age to Tyler, with the influx of workers from the railroad shops the Tyler population nearly tripled from 1880 to 1890. Tyler achieved city status in 1907.

Although the city was rejuvenated by the railroad industry post-war, the economy was always dominated by agriculture.  Starting in the mid-1890s, truck farming and fruit orchards became important cash crops. By 1900 there was an estimate of over one million fruit trees in the county, most of them being peach trees.  An unfortunate peach blight wiped out much of the fruit industry, which lead to many of the farmers in the city turning to roses.  Roses were a perfect crop for the climate and soil of Tyler and by the 1920s the rose industry had developed into a major part of the Tyler economy. By 1940 more than half the U.S. supply of rose bushes were grown within ten miles of Tyler.

The East Texas oil industry started to have an impact on Tyler in the 1930s as the city became an important part of the industry. The new Camp Fannin during World War II also served as a boost to the economy bringing in 19,000 troops to the area. Tyler’s economy has continued to evolve and has had a hand in many industries over the years.

Recently, Tyler has emerged as a leading medical and educational center for the area.  There are a number of medical practices that have established themselves in the city and state as top-tier, industry-leading facilities, including Tyler Neurosurgical Associates.  There has also been a surge in new institutions of higher learning established in Tyler in recent years, which includes: Texas College, Tyler Junior College, and The University of Texas at Tyler.

Tyler is a short drive away from many neighboring towns in East Texas including a short 30-minute or less drive away from these communities; Arp, Troup, Frankston, and Flint, TX. Tyler is easily accessible for Arp residents seeking a brain or spine consultation by taking TX-64 W and enjoying the short 25-minute ride into Tyler. Residents of Troup, TX can hop on TX-110 N and arrive in 30 minutes for their appointment at Tyler Neurosurgical Associates. FM 2493/Old Jacksonville Hwy is the fastest way for the people of Flint, TX to get to Tyler Neurosurgical. The good people of Frankston have the longest drive into Tyler, but it still comes in at well under an hour with a 30-minute drive via TX-155 N. Tyler Neurosurgical serves all of the surrounding towns. If you’re having brain or spine trouble call or contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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