Tyler Neurosurgical Associates celebrates a historic milestone as Dr. Paul Detwiler becomes the first in the world to use Brainlab’s revolutionary Loop-X technology on an awake deep brain stimulation (DBS) patient at UT Health Tyler.

Dr. Detwiler’s use of Loop-X enabled immediate relief for a patient with severe essential tremors, demonstrating unparalleled precision and efficacy in surgical placement. This achievement underscores Tyler Neurosurgical Associates’ commitment to advancing patient care through cutting-edge technology.

Brainlab has recognized UT Health Tyler as the inaugural U.S. hospital to implement Loop-X in a DBS case and a global leader in awake patient surgeries. The Brainlab suite integrates high-resolution robotic imaging, Curve Navigation for precise guidance, and the Robotic Alignment Module, ensuring continuous, accurate support during surgeries.

“Our investment in Brainlab’s advanced suite reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional care locally,” said Donald Baker, regional president of UT Health East Texas. "Patients benefit from leading-edge technology without the need to travel."

Loop-X’s real-time 3D imaging eliminates the need for postoperative CT scans, allowing immediate surgical adjustments and reducing revision surgery risks. Dr. Detwiler highlighted its benefits, stating, "You have immediate confirmation of surgical outcomes, enhancing efficiency and patient recovery."

Tyler Neurosurgical Associates remains at the forefront of neurosurgical innovation with Brainlab Loop-X technology, committed to providing patients with superior care through groundbreaking advancements.