Subject: Denny Brauer’s Doctor

Didn’t think I would ever recommend a doctor to someone, but find I have to. I have had neck problems for 14 years, with two fusions from two different neuro surgeons, and no improvement whatsoever. After couple hours casting, my arm would feel like it was gonna fall off and my hands were all cramped up. Saw an article on Brauer and Paul Detweiler, the neuro surgeon in Tyler who fixed him, and thought, what the heck, will try one more time.

I saw Dr. Detweiler, and he did surgery on back of my neck, cleaning out all the openings where the nerves come out, and after six weeks, have been out couple times, casting for about 3 hours each time, and the improvement is tremendous. Course, nothing is simple, as I am going to have to have both elbows fixed where I have ulnar nerve compression, but Detweiler is first doctor I’ve seen who even looked at my elbows.

I have seen some posts on here from ones who have had neck and back problems. If you’re dissatisfied with your present doctors, go see Detweiler. They also have a small spine and joint hospital in Tyler where the surgery was done, and this is best hospital I have ever been in!!

Only one thing, Brauer has made Detweiler a fanatic bass fisherman, so if you see him, be ready to talk a bunch of fishing.
RipX21, Outdoorsman